As the scale and complexity of search marketing grows, we arm you with team, tools and technology to make sense of it all. Acronym’s award winning methodology starts with understanding the intent behind keywords to influence the entire buyer journey through search.

Our Intent-based framework was designed specifically to target searchers based on their behavior. This simple but powerful methodology changes how we categorize keywords, ads and digital assets and empowers you to influence consumers in the early stages of the buyer journey – to maximize search potential in the later stages. Here’s how it works:

Classifying keywords – to identify consumer intent. We have developed a machine-learning algorithm that mines keywords and classifies them into stages of the buyer journey, which helps to align KPIs, ad copy and landing page experience with customer behavior.

Leveraging audience data – to create richer user experiences. Our proprietary tools categorize hundreds of audience types into more granular intent segments. This ensures that unique content is created to deliver a personalized ad experience for each user. DMP integration, Customer Match and AEM allow us to analyze path-to-purchase and refine messaging based on where the customer is in the lifecycle.



On the campaign data side, just think about the reports you need to run to understand search campaign performance. While analyzing a vast amount of multidimensional data and raw intelligence from multiple stakeholders is no easy task, getting it right makes a world of difference.

Now, with the help of Keyword Objects™ (KO) — data analysis is easily available, so that everyone can become a masterful keyword marketer. Combining a treasure trove of SEO and paid search data, KO simplifies data analysis, amplifies optimization opportunities and provides new options for testing and integrated campaign management.

Maximize Results with Our PPC Methodology 

  • Human-focused approach to bid management tools to assist and influence professional insights
  • Detailed testing plan to ensure progress, improved results and continued insights and takeaways
  • Context sensitive ads with cross-channel and device targeting, integrating social paid and digital media strategies alongside PPC
  • Detailed keyword research using data culled from sources beyond search-based volume tools

At Acronym, we do search. We’ve been doing longest. Nobody does it better. We’ve built our business on the strength of understanding the language of the consumer. With a strong focus on solving consumer problems, our approach delivers more new customers, higher value customers and better overall user experiences.

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