Today’s connected consumers interact with products in a multitude of ways, and smart brand marketers are there at every channel and touchpoint. Search may be the core of it all, but an integrated digital marketing strategy is no longer just nice – it’s necessary.

You really can’t do search without considering social. In fact, you can’t do search without display – especially for retargeting. At the heart of it all is strategic, relevant and, useful content developed around intent. It’s the glue that holds every great digital marketing campaign together.

Helping our clients build and execute personalized programmatic and retargeting buys that will maximize return is what we do – and nobody does it better.

Our approach to identifying intent throughout the journey allows us to segment channel tactics into the appropriate stages of research. This ensures that content and media strategies align with these stages, and allows for a holistic mix of channels to tackle both brand awareness and performance-based initiatives. The result? User journeys that are more consistent, meaningful and impactful.

No matter the digital mix, we’ve got you covered:


As the scale and complexity of search marketing grows, we arm you with team, tools and technology to make sense of it all. Acronym’s award-winning methodology starts with understanding the intent behind keywords to influence the entire buyer journey through search.


A key component of your marketing mix, social advertising creates entertaining, informative touchpoints that elevate brand awareness. Robust profiling and multi-platform integration give us the means to build meaningful interactions with your target audience at every stage.


Just as the digital ad ecosystem has evolved to better target based on customer intent, we’ve evolved too, introducing new ad formats and targeting methods based on their suitability to reach your audiences. This spans across programmatic/RTB, remarketing, video, native, mobile and direct site placements.


Between 2018 and 2021, digital video advertising will increase by double-digits annually, topping $22 billion. At the same time, it’s becoming more complex and increasingly difficult to differentiate yourself. When done right, video attracts a lot of attention. We help you leverage this powerful visual media so that it’s not only data and intent driven but also influenced by the true human behaviors seen across interactions on the web – to maximize results.


One of the most powerful tools at your disposal is also often one of the most overlooked. Remarketing gives you another chance with consumers who are already interested in your brand — engaging, clickable ads with relevant messages for the can close the deal.


From 2015 to 2018, Amazon surpassed Google for product searches. And it’s not just Amazon threatening Google, but all mega marketplaces with heavily trafficked sites. We work with brands to understand the primary placements that matter for their user journeys, and assist them with content optimization as well as paid promotional placement.


It’s a mobile-first world. If you’re not there, you’re invisible, and quickly falling behind the competition. Running a smart mobile campaign means taking the time to design it specifically for mobile audiences. That’s where we come in.


The product data feed helps you reach more shoppers on more channels with less work. It’s the foundation of every product-based PPC-campaign on Google and other shopping channels.


Consumers are starting to prefer native search over Google on web and ecommerce sites because it’s more advanced when it comes to category-level product research. It’s also a key indicator of purchase intent. The digital shelf is becoming increasingly significant — making it crucial to include in the mix.

Innovation begins with a digital advertising strategy that cuts through the clutter, builds connections with customers, and quickly responds to changing market conditions. With a strong focus on solving consumer problems, our approach delivers more new customers, higher value customers and better overall user experiences.

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