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Get your keywords back. Optimize content. Spend smarter.


“gain strategic insights into synergies between paid search, organic search and retail”

Secure search took your keywords away. Now, you can get them back. Make faster, smarter decisions with the revolutionary search technology, and get complete data ownership and technology to power every aspect of search including keyword research, bid and feed management, DSPs, market research, SEO platforms, content marketing and local optimization.

Our enterprise keyword management platform, Keyword Objects™ empowers you to overcome encrypted search, understand the intent of your organic traffic and gain strategic insights into synergies between paid search and organic search.

Just imagine what you can accomplish by pinpointing your highest-value keywords, fine-tuning content and spending more efficiently.


It all starts with the patented Keyword Provided Algorithm (KPA)
Recover 97% of your encrypted keywords.


A component of the Keyword Object platform, KPA shows unlocks the 97 percent of the words customers use to find you — previously not available with secure search. The three-steps process includes:


with different data sources to get the full picture


algorithm that connects queries to sessions. The more data, the better the match


of keywords across SEO and PPC to pinpoint the ones that matter most


Once KPA uncovers the words, Keyword Objects mines the data and automates groupings of your site visitors who share similar behaviors and goals – giving you the intelligence not only on who is visiting, but also what they want! You get a holistic view of all keywords in SEO and PPC, along with data integration with search platforms, PPC auditing, and 24/7 custom reporting — to make better, data-driven decisions.

  • Get real-time insight into which organic keywords drive traffic, conversions and revenue.
  • Dig into high value pages on your site and see what words drive traffic best.
  • Unlock the keywords that customers used to find you. Understanding intent is a key component of content optimization.
  • Discover hidden opportunities to fine-tune copy to target new audiences.
  • Engage with customers on a deeper level and deliver the personalized, consistent content experiences that they both expect and demand.



The Keyword Objects reporting dashboard includes PPC and SEO Synergy views to help you prioritize your efforts. Synergy enables you to see PPC and SEO metrics in one side-by-side view to help you:

    • Find new opportunities for bidding and content creation
    • Make informed decisions on where to focus resources
    • Become more efficient by eliminating keywords that may not matter
    • Understand the impact of brand cannibalization
    • Perfect your keyword priorities by knowing what converts
    • Understand engagement to better match content to queries
    • Get ahead of your competitors with consumer insights they don’t have

The search landscape is constantly changing – that’s why you need the most potent search intelligence platform in the industry.

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